Muslim Devotees of Kåñëa

Dipankar Deb, PhD

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Muslim Devotees of Krishna

a biographical work on Muslim-born Kåñëa devotees
by Dipankar Deb, PhD
Released July 18, 2015


Why should anyone be a devotee of Kåñëa? What does it mean to be His devotee? Why did Muslim-born individuals become Kåñëa devotees?

This book presents a cross-section of devotees born in Islamic faith or pursuing Islam at some point in time, who later transcended material designations to identify themselves as individual souls, part of Kåñëa, and engaged in bhakti-yoga, but have now passed away from this planet. It also contains great souls who did not become devotees in their daily practices, but had a deep appreciation for Kåñëa’s teachings. The common thread across all of them is their love for Kåñëa.

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Muslim Devotees of Krishna